Claire Scanlon ( Senior Designer - Womens Sportswear )

I wholeheartedly and confidently recommend Dwayne. I have had the pleasure of working with him since Jan '12. His passion for along with his seemingly limitless knowledge of personal training and fitness was evident immediately. Through clear and articulate instruction, he is able to transform even the most daunting of exercises into manageable challenges. His enthusiasm and dedication to fitness and each individual client is truly infectious and inspiring. With his partnership I have been able to push myself immeasurably further than i would have been able to had I been left to my own devices and to achieve goals that simply seemed unattainable. I am confident that with a continued partnership with Dwayne I will be further encouraged and inspired to reach higher and to accomplish even greater fitness goals. It is with great confidence and excitement that I recommend Dwayne Shumate.

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